In 1985 Rena came to the United States, working as Script Supervisor alongside such prestigious directors as David Lynch on “Blue Velvet”, Michael Cimino on “Desperate Hours” and Andrei Konchalovsky on “Runaway Train”. She has worked on films all over the globe, including locations in Kenya, Poland, South Africa, France, and Italy. She is fluent in five languages.

Rena was born in Poland. Her father was a film-director, and her mother a theater actress. The family immigrated to Israel where she was educated, and then served in the Israeli Army rising to the rank of Lieutenant.

Following her military service, Rena entered the University of Tel-Aviv, where she studied theater and film. To support herself while in school, Rena worked in the Israeli Film Industry as a Script Supervisor. Her graduation short film aired on national television.

One of her mentors, Betty Thomas had this to say:

“… Intuitively she seems to know how to set the stage with her confidence so that actors are open to “play”. Always a director able to balance the lack of time in TV while shooting with the need to “do it right”, Rena somehow finishes on time but never loses the trust of the actor by rushing. She finds those small moments and “beats” that make up a performance and strengthens them in editing…” (A letter to Regina Render, DGA)